Primary prevention and health
promotion programmes in schools

  • Sexual Risk Behaviour including HIV – aimed at preventing the transmission of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Smoking – focusing on the risks associated with smoking and motivation to decide not to smoke.
  • Prevention of infectious diseases – focusing on general principles of prevention of communicable diseases at home and abroad.
  • Mental health – focused on increasing resilience to stress.
  • Alcohol – focusing on the risks of alcohol and motivation to reduce alcohol consumption.

Provided by experts from the Ministry of Health

Complementary activity to teaching in school settings according to school requirements

Designed for pupils in grades 4-9 in primary schools (Sexual Risk Behaviour Programme for pupils in grades 6-9) and students in grades 1 and 2 in secondary schools (including special schools, special schools, etc.).

Implemented separately or as part of prevention days at schools.

In the form of a lecture with discussion (duration 45 minutes), an interactive game Playing about prevention (recommended for primary schools) for up to 30 children (duration 2 × 45 minutes) or other form as agreed.

Contacts for applications:

mobil: +420 606 890 380

The guarantor of the professional programmes is the head of the Health Promotion Department of the Public Health Institute Ostrava, Ivan Tomášek M. D.